Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Authentic customer feedback exposed

Customer satisfaction is indispensable as unhappy customers will simply go elsewhere. The best customer satisfaction surveys gauge how products and services supplied by a company meet, exceed or fall short of expectations of existing customers.

At Customex, trained agents at our Dubai-based outbound call centre carry out customer satisfaction surveys to generate accurate and impartial feedback. No matter what the volume is, we have the capability to provide precise information to a timetable that suits you.

We achieve that by meeting our clients to develop customised questions based on proposed targets and standards. In doing so, we can ensure that our customer satisfaction survey will provide the customer feedback that you need.

It is important to recognise that raw data is of no advantage if the proper analysis and reporting does not follow. So once we have scrutinised the data, recommendations are proposed to guide you towards profitable business decisions.

The purpose of this is to improve your customer experiences by identifying flaws and weaknesses and ultimately finding solutions.