Customer Intercepts

Why didn't they buy?

Being successful in business is not easy and sustaining success is even harder. Thriving organisations that aim at continuing attainment while increasing customer loyalty must work on understanding what their customers want, and, what they don't want.

Customer intercepts, or customer exit interviews, are the best way to reveal why customers have not purchased from your company. They differ from customer satisfaction surveys which focus on feedback from existing customers.

Our highly qualified interviewers, stationed outside your premises at a time and date of your choosing, can evaluate the customer experience while it is fresh in their minds as it happened seconds ago.

This service can also be conducted in the form of video recording known as a "Vox Pops" which allows organisations to view and study the feedback and body language of customers as they walk out. These video soundbites give you concise and accurate information in a clear and presentable manner.

We all know the significance of customers who have made purchases, but listening to the ones that did not buy is equally important. Speaking to them immediately after their experience of your business is crucial to gauge an accurate and detailed reaction.