Mystery Shopping

Anonymously assessed customer experiences

Your customers are key to your success and your most precious asset, so you need to impress them at every opportunity. Our trained shoppers will visit your business and act just like regular customers. The difference is, they are there to assess the entire customer experience at every single customer touch point from start to finish.

We use highly trained professionals from our diverse database of experienced shoppers from across the Middle East. They conduct thorough and accurate assessments to provide reliable and unbiased feedback in assessments done face to face, by telephone or over the web. We then collate the information and customise the results to suit your particular needs.

The end result is a neutral evaluation of your company's customer service from the shopper's perspective. It provides impartial, market-friendly data that determines how well employees are following your policies and procedures.

Our research has shown that in most cases, dissatisfied customers do not complain directly, but choose to simply vote with their feet by leaving the premises without coming back again. Indifferent or disinterested attitudes among staff are often to blame for this. Mystery shoppers give an invaluable insight into how and why this is happening, so you and your staff can find ways to improve.

Customex is a certified member of the international Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA)

And takes care to ensure the highest levels of ethics and accuracy in managing and executing projects. We carefully select and train our mystery shoppers to find the right profile for each project.

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