Compliance Audits

Obtain and sustain customer delight

Capturing and sustaining customer delight goes beyond employee performance. At Customex, we will support you in examining critical situations to make sure standards are being met.

Compliance audits differ from mystery shopping, as they target challenges related to standards compliance, quality assurance and operations as opposed to the performance of your customer-facing staff.

After our initial brainstorming session, during which we will establish your priorities and the standards you wish to evaluate, we can customise a specifically focused compliance audit programme.

Common themes addressed include pricing accuracy, facilities assessment, product availability, product presentation and merchandising.

In today's competitive environment, businesses need to avoid the scenario in which customers leave the premises without purchasing for these avoidable reasons: They were not able to find the product they want, pricing was inaccurate or presentation was unappealing or dull. Customex will help you prevent this unnecessary loss of business by identifying critical issues and customising an auditing programme that meets your needs.